Why do your job you furious?

Why do your job you furious?
 "The failure of this work! "- Or nearly so and think so successful managers and ordinary accountants, going to the office. What is the lie the reasons for such rejection violent activities once brings moral satisfaction? Why do we sometimes go to work as hard labor? Is it time to treat your workaholism?

View №1. Workaholic feverish
Running 25 hours a day? Not surprisingly, the Saturday Night Fever is associated with you will not rest after a week of work, and with thoughts of work taken home until Monday. And all because the all-powerful boss now and then alludes to the fact that people like you - even a dime a dozen, and only the steady implementation and over-fulfillment of their (and sometimes it happens that somebody else's) job duties can save you from dismissal. Try to do as the Japanese - propagate 365 copies of photos chef and ... well, then everything that had the imagination. Nor does it help? Then urgently to change jobs. Fear of being unemployed is much faster drive you crazy, what do you prove your boss that something standing.

Type № 2. Workaholic love
Labor is not for sustenance, but for the sake of the process? Brought peculiar rituals that help (and in fact only interfere) in your work? So long, and go into virtual reality - not in the sense plunge into the world of computer games, but in terms of work load your brain so that you and the real-world that will be considered in terms of the feasibility of its use in the annual report of the company. Sometimes, of course, and do you have failures, but, for example, due to the fact that suddenly freezes the computer, and you can not have with the fullness enjoy a game of numbers in columns accounts. If you find yourself in such severe symptoms - urgently ask the chef leave and go away somewhere, far away. Disconnect the internet - and "to the village to her aunt in the wilderness ...".

View №3. Workaholic disappointed
You have long been a decoration company, and now you have nothing pleases and you purely mechanically go to work and keep a good job with the duties assigned to you, simply because "it's necessary?" What happened to you? It happened like this: you're stuck somewhere halfway between junior courier and CEO, and further career advancement you do not shine. You can advise only one thing: if you do not want to change jobs just because you realize that it's not yours, then try to find yourself some unusual hobby. It will distract you from monotonous everyday life and help cope with the irritation arising from slipping career. In the end, you can not constantly sacrifice their lives for the sake of conquest obviously unattainable heights.

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