What sweetness - and most harmful than replace them?

What sweetness - and most harmful than replace them?
 Just a couple of decades ago, Russian assortment of shops selling cakes and pastries, consisted mainly of products with heavy oil cream. Now refrigerated display cases are full of infinite variety of sweets and confectionery departments has long been possible to choose products to suit every taste.

Cake - delicacy, which must be sold in a blister pack. And marketers understand this, because like dessert first "eat with their eyes" and only then make a decision about purchasing it as a gift or to the table. Confectionery manufacturers are trying to "outdo" each other in heavy competition. Some are used in sweets exotic tastes, others - bright colorful confectionery decor, and others - creams with enticing names, the fourth - chocolate frosting and decorations. "Instrument" in the struggle for consumer attention (and even more - money) - do not count. But, unfortunately, it is often at the expense of taste and health sweet tooth.

Not so long ago it was thought that the biggest "evil" cream confections - actually cream. Heavy, fat, made with butter (or even margarine) with condensed milk, he terrified the people who take care of their health. How they rejoiced when manufacturers and cakes have become a massive shift to plant-based cream, and even the classic stuff this cream eclairs. Vegetable cream seemed almost a panacea for improving cholesterol and other diseases caused by cream products. But the joy was short-lived. Consumers soon found out that the basis of this cream - soy, and she, in most cases, related to GMOs, and therefore is not very clear where the greater evil: a vegetable cream or cream, prepared on the basis of oil.

So, give up the cakes and pastries for all? Not at all. To do this, of course, not worth it. But we must clearly understand what you are buying. In other words, learn to read the label and armed with common sense. For example, the amount of cream of animal origin, which is one brew bun - about 5-7 g, which is about as much as you put in the cream soup. No adverse effects in the form of atherosclerotic plaques or extra inches in the hips, one bun will bring. Another thing, the same roll with vegetable cream, which is the main evil - the threat of the presence of genetically modified soybeans as a cream base. In this case, it may be harmful, even the small amount of product.

But the best way to avoid trouble - give preference beskremovym cakes and pastries. To date, they range from the manufacturers rather high. For example, almond, prepared on the basis of almond flour and mass for meringues, cheesecakes, or - of cream cheese and a variety of fruit additions. But, of course, the best option - to master the art of confectionery itself, and you will be protected forever from sweets dubious origin.

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