What is a marriage contract

What is a marriage contract
 Beginning of a relationship is always like a fairy tale, and few people think about a possible divorce, sharing out the property, spent health. Can not you before diving under the name of "family life" to sit down and agree on the shore? Take, for example, and the marriage contract ...

Since 1996, each pair in Russia won the right to enter into a marriage contract. It can be concluded before the marriage, and at any time while in the marriage relationship.

Now any notary's office there is a sample of this contract. He shall be in writing and notarized. If you decide to eventually bring him some change, they must be made in the same writing.

Marriage contracts are governed only property relations. The other conditions are simply invalid. You can not assign who will wash the dishes in the house or walk the dog. Prohibited by law affect the rights of children and to determine with whom the child will live after a possible divorce.

The marriage contract determines what property will be used in a marriage - simultaneous, separate or equity. Joint ownership - it's all property without defining shares.

Share ownership is considered when initially negotiated share of each of the spouses. For sale, donation of property that is in common ownership, need the consent of a partner.

Spouses can also set the separate property. The marriage contract is possible to set the amount of funds received during the marriage and after its dissolution. But you can not restrict the rights of a disabled spouse - he should receive alimony within the limits prescribed by law.

For the marriage contract is required:

Obtain the consent of the future spouse to avoid later konfuza.S help of a lawyer to make the text of the treaty itself and a list of major and minor arrangements.

Not need to specify in the contract specific amount of content. It is better to specify the percentage of the basic income.

Of course, it is better to trust your loved one, but life - long and complex process that can happen, anything. Therefore it is better to be insured and to know what is yours by law.

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