How to write job descriptions

How to write job descriptions
 Some employers try to make employees work more precise, regulated and understandable. As a rule, for this and created documents such as proper instructions. It is the accuracy of the drawing up of the provisions depends on the quality of the entire company.
 Russian law is not designed forms of job descriptions as well as the heads of various purpose. Some are focused precisely on the quality of the products, turning a blind eye on the number, and the other opposite - try to the maximum to produce and sell. The staff held the same positions in different companies may engage in a completely different job. For example, a customer manager. One worker is looking for customers, duties second limited negotiation.

Developing a particular job description, you should consider business direction for each employee. For example, a sales manager. Prescribe that he must develop a customer base to sell, negotiate with contractors. That is, you should list all of what he should do.

In the job description and list the conditions of work, that is all, what tools he will own, and that for their work to receive. For example, these may include any professional knowledge (annual certification, training, etc.), as well as the conditions of remuneration (bonuses, allowances, etc.). The instructions specify and working time, rest time and procedure for granting leave.

In drawing up job descriptions refer to the regulations (Labour, Civil, Criminal Code). Remember that these provisions should not be piled up, otherwise they will be difficult to read. Stick to a couple of sheets of A4.

If an employee is financially responsible person, the instructions should be indicated and what will he manage. Be sure to include in the document obligations of the parties and actions in case of violations.

Instructions are issued in duplicate, each of which is signed by both parties. One copy shall be retained by the employer, the second - is transferred to the employee.

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