How to motivate employees

How to motivate employees
 Employee Motivation - is the creation of such conditions, the application of such measures that encourage staff to work effectively, in good faith, with enthusiasm and passion. So what are the conditions and measures?
 When people generally value their work? Of course, above all if it gives him the means to dignity. That is, if it is for their work gets a good salary. Especially, if the premium is charged in addition, there are benefits package, etc.

The natural conclusion: a good salary is a very strong motivating factor.

But not everything is measured in money. You never know when an employee, even getting a very good pay, working without enthusiasm, without showing the slightest initiative. It just has to be customized. How Come? Typically, this is due to the unhealthy moral and psychological climate at work. Here is a typical example: the chief confesses hard, authoritarian management style. He firmly believed that subordinates should not only respect the leader, but also fear. The slightest misstep immediately implies a sharp, sometimes offensive, criticism and punishment. Naturally, people are simply afraid to take the initiative. In this team the rule of law: "Do not put out! "Then at least not nakrichat not deprive premiums.

What is the result of such a guide? In 99% of these cases - high staff turnover, unhealthy, nervous atmosphere. As a natural consequence - the fall of profits, loss of market position.

The second natural conclusion: a healthy moral and psychological climate, courtesy, respect and caring attitude of the staff (that does not exclude rigor and discipline), - all this is absolutely necessary for their motivation.

Suppose, in the organization and the employees are well paid, and have created a healthy, friendly working environment. Is this enough? No, there is one very important fact. Esprit de corps, corporate loyalty, devotion to the common cause - that is absolutely necessary for high level of motivation.

To develop employees such qualities, it is imperative that all of them, regardless of their posts, feel members of a common home, surrounded by loved ones, like-minded people. This depends primarily on the ability of the manager. He must combine reasonable demands with the ability to listen to the opinions of others, to praise, to say a good word (which, as you know, and nice cat). Very useful informal activities such as corporate gatherings.

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