How to make food remedy for anxiety, depression and anxiety

How to make food remedy for anxiety, depression and anxiety
 Almost every day, a person has to deal with situations that cause anxiety, anxiety, stress, and many daily activities wound boredom and melancholy. Everyone eats their secrets and how to deal with these unpleasant sensations. Someone found after work with friends or going to the gym and is engaged in the gym, someone drinks sedatives. And you can fight with excitement, anxiety and sadness with food.

Many people seize your stress eating, but the products that they use, is not helpful. The most popular, especially among women, enjoy a variety of sweet and flour products. Contained in a food sugar enters the bloodstream and causes a short-term lift the mood, but it suffers from the figure, there are other health problems.

Meanwhile, there are many more useful products that are natural remedy for stress, worry, anxiety, depression, bad mood. And the list is quite large, ie everyone will be able to choose a meal to their liking and without harm to its shape.

Red fruits and vegetables help recharge the body with energy, make people more active. And some of them, such as tomatoes, contain the amino acid phenylalanine, hindering the disintegration of endorphins (hormones of happiness), prevents the development of depression. Therefore, people who often eat tomatoes, the mood is more stable and positive. Many have phenylalanine and turkey meat.

Another excellent antidepressant is a natural red wine. It contains of antioxidants that can not only prevent the formation of free radicals which can cause cancer, and cardiovascular disease, but also improve mood. Naturally, the need to drink wine in moderation, otherwise benefit from it will be minimal.

Vitamin C copes with the first manifestations of stress, anxiety, nervousness. Therefore, you should definitely include in your diet foods rich in this vitamin. It contained in green tea, citrus fruits, tomatoes, blueberries, in many fruits, vegetables and berries.

If you often feel nervous, can not find a place of anxiety, you should add to your diet foods that contain vitamins B6 and B12. B6 is, in avocados, walnuts, pork, salmon, and B12 - in eggs, lamb, beef, chicken meat. Chicken is also rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which in our bodies involved in the formation of calm hormone - serotonin. Increases the level of this hormone and regular consumption of oily fish (salmon, trout, mackerel).

To preserve the peace of mind useful regularly eat foods rich in magnesium. This substance is in the broccoli, buckwheat, nuts, figs, green beans, shrimp, spinach, green.

Sometimes you can afford to eat a piece of sweet antidepressant - chocolate. Just choose the best kind of bitter sweet because it contains more cocoa beans. Even some chocolate cheer up, because it contains substances such as phenylethylamine and anadamid. As well as this product increases the production of endorphins. But to get involved in it still not worth it, unless you want to buy those extra pounds.

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