How to keep the benefit of fruits and vegetables

How to keep the benefit of fruits and vegetables
 Choosing a method for thermal processing of fruits and vegetables, we are always guided by the desire to preserve them in nutrients, often - taste preferences. In vain. Sparing methods of preparation, for example, pripuskaniya instead of cooking or baking instead of frying can provide invaluable benefits to our organisms.

To our fruits and vegetables preserved benefit, it is important to store them properly. When bring home, do not immediately hide in the refrigerator: let them lie down in the open bag at room temperature. This recommendation applies to any and all products of plant origin, and is particularly useful when the outside temperature is significantly lower than at home.

The fridge is their correct place on the shelf with zero area. If such a zone, you do not, put fruits and vegetables in the warmest room, in some cases it is - special boxes, called "for fruits." Be sure to make a hole in plastic bags: so they will not accumulate condensate, and your products will not lose its presentation and quality ahead of time. With this gentle treatment you save in fruits and vegetables maximum benefit.

Now the thermal treatment. In the long cooking largely destroyed vitamin C, and many have heard about it. But for some unknown reason, the hostess ignored gentle cooking. Another way to kill minerals - used for cooking aluminum cookware. The fact that particles of the material from which it is made, react with molecules in food by the present therebetween begins "battle", in which the latter is always loses. The third way to deprive your diet with vitamins - fruits and vegetables to cook with the lid open pan. Oxygen, supplied from the outside with an excess of food has a very undesirable effect.

If there is a question about the safety of a large number of fruits and vegetables, for example, collected in autumn in the garden, here, too, should be guided by the recommendations of the gentle treatment. It is better to choose such technology of preparation as pickling, drying and freezing, canning than using vinegar. In the case without the marinade can not do, give preference to the citric acid. Unlike vinegar, it is more "delicate" affects the fruit and vegetables, and they will have more nutrients.

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