How to join a union

How to join a union
 Unfortunately, often we feel injustice and violations of the law by the employer. Conscious of their vulnerability, we are looking for help and support. To this end, the enterprises to form a union.
 If your company or business, there is a primary trade union organization, then join the ranks of ee is not difficult. You just need to write an application to the trade union committee and at the next meeting it will consider your prieme. Members of the Organization vydaetsya union card, they should pay the membership fee.

In the event that there is no trade union at the company, it can create. The necessary minimum for this - membership in the future organization of at least treh people. To start you off with the Charter of the chosen trade union and the position of his primary organization. From this information, you will learn who share a union, order entry, rights and duties of its members and much more.

After that, the territorial organization of trade unions discuss the mechanism of creation in your company its primary cells. In the case of territorial organization does not exist, you must apply directly to the union itself.

If the territorial organization decided to form ee primary branch - held a constituent assembly, which shall decide on the matter. If it is positive, then formed the necessary management and control bodies, each participant wrote two statements - one of prieme the union, and the other on the repayment of the dues.

Engaging in trade union association, the worker receives zaschischennost and the ability to competently defend their legitimate interests. As well as participate in decision-collective agreement and subsequent control over its strict enforcement. An important point for union members is the ability to receive comprehensive support and material assistance. Such association allows workers to actively influence the social policies of any enterprise.

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