How to conduct a scientific conference

How to conduct a scientific conference
 The main objective of any conference - exchange of ideas. Along the way are solved and other tasks. This can be a partner search, search staff on specific issues and much more. Organizational work is constructed based on these moments.  
 Formulate the problem to be discussed at the conference. This formulation may well become the name of the event. The theme should cover a sufficiently wide range of issues, but at the same time not to be too general. For example, the name "Nuclear Energy" is not very suitable, even if they really discuss issues related to the industry. But "The use of a new type of reactors" or "nuclear power plants and the environment" fit perfectly.

Create an organizing committee and distribute functions among its members. Very useful to draw up a rough list of what needs to be done, and ownership. The Chairman coordinates the work. At this stage it is necessary to agree on the conditions under which he works committee and employees who will be involved in the conference, whether they get paid or you attract volunteers.

A very important point - financing. You can draw budget and sponsor funds and grants. There are miscellaneous options, including the use of the participants.

Decide whom you invite to a scientific conference. Specify requirements for reports and theses. Specify the date by which they must submit. Estimate the number of speakers and listeners.

Develop a plan for a scientific conference. As a rule, one or two plenary sessions at the beginning and at the end, classes in sections. There may be other options. It is important that participants had the opportunity to exchange views. Rent a room desired capacity.

Find out what equipment has room and a need to buy. Modern scientific conference is impossible without technology. Most likely, you will need additional multimedia equipment, which can be placed not only in the hall, but also in those areas, which will host the plenary sessions.

Decide on the program. It should be clearly stated time begins each report. The conference itself can be constructed in different ways, but participants must clearly know how much speaker starts to talk about what interests them. Between reports may be gaps in the audience should be able to move freely from one section to another and share experiences.

Order in the printing brochures abstracts and program. In an organization that deals with small printing, make badges. On a badge to be a participant name and initials, the name of the organization he represents. In some cases, the appropriate place there and the name of the conference.

Book souvenirs. This could be, for example, a folder with the conference program, abstracts and some souvenir edition. For it is possible to make a notepad and pen with the logo. There are other sets of gifts, depending on the direction of scientific conferences and financial possibilities of the organizers. But in any case, what you will be awarded to participants and guests as souvenirs, should correspond to the topics.

If the conference several days, do not forget to place participants. Non best to book in advance. Decide on what terms they will shoot you. Payment can be made as a means of organizing committee, as well as by the participants. It should be stated in the invitation.

Make sure where participants will eat and under what conditions. In addition to the dining room, where your guests will have breakfast, lunch and dinner, there should be breaks between lectures, coffee breaks.

Very well, if it is possible to remove the entire hotel for a conference or a comfortable holiday base. In this case, you will immediately rent a room, a conference room and a number of rooms where you can organize the sections, as well as a restaurant or cafe.

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