How to choose a mineral water

How to choose a mineral water
 Mineral water is one of the most useful products that only people can afford. No harm, calories, or adverse effects. But to her choice should be approached with care to use mineral water was pleasant and helpful. Before purchasing a bottle of refreshing drink, you need to consider some of its features.

In hot weather, doctors recommend that we use as much of the liquid, but in any case not sweet or containing alcohol and mineral water or green tea. Mineral water in the heat is useful not only because it quenches thirst, but that restores some water and salt balance in the body. However, this does not mean that you can drink mineral water and in absolutely any arbitrary number. Oversupply of anything can be harmful to health.

For a start, choosing mineral water, carefully read the etiquette. Do you want to buy just mineral water, but not all that sparkling and clear, is not. Signs of this mineral water, carbonated or not, are the presence of chemical elements (excluding carbon) is not less than a gram per liter of water concentration. Everything else is normal drinking water, without any useful or harmful properties. Encountered in mineral water elements can be:
- Sulfate;
- Cl;
- Iron;
- Boron;
- Hydrogen;
- Iodine;
- Radon.

The excess of these elements, however, is not too useful, if it is more than 2 grams per liter, then we are talking about the therapeutic mineral water, which is better to drink on prescription.

Choosing carbonated or non-carbonated water, you have the right to drink the one that you like best. In the pros soda - a smaller amount of consumption, the best quenching thirst, some carbonation "scores" specific salty taste; in the pros carbonated - no bloating, long the effect that you were drunk, are better absorbed minerals.

The best mineral water are considered the world brands such as Perrier, Borjomi, Essentuki, Evian, Narzan. But with foreign brands, especially non-carbonated water, you have to be careful - they are often counterfeited, bringing you get plain water, without any medicinal properties.

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