How to check a candidate for the job

How to check a candidate for the job
 No company with a good reputation will not accept a new employee, until tested. There are many ways to do it, to reveal whether the applicant is worthy of a vacant post. But the most effective - a multi-stage interview.
 Limited to one round of interviews for employment today is not worth it, especially if the position claimed by dozens of candidates. If you are due to the high level of employment is not able to meet with all applicants, entrust some of their concerns or his deputy Chief of Staff. Do not forget to give them the most stringent instructions for applicants for positions related to liability or safety.

In the first round is usually eliminated candidates who do not have the required level of education or work experience, but for some reason to believe that they are ideally suited for this position. However, to the applicants, in the summary of which complied with all the conditions should be treated with caution. Refer to their former employers with inquiries regarding their former subordinates. Or ask the candidates to bring you to the next meeting recommendations.

At the second meeting with the candidates offer them tests. According to the results of this test you can determine whether or not the applicant claims correspond to its real possibilities. Test job does not have to be complicated. The main thing - that the process of its implementation the applicant has demonstrated the qualities that are needed for future work. On this tour, interviews, strange as it may drop out candidates with the most brilliant recommendations. To be sure about them (you never know, suddenly people just alarmed), invite only the next time they spend with them and another test.

Representatives of creative professions can only present you our portfolio and execute tests. Of course, experience, and education is important for them. But suddenly you then miss the opportunity to discover a new world of genius in design or journalism?

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