How to be more confident

How to be more confident
Novice or skilled workers who pursues a series of setbacks, often have to deal with their own insecurities. This purely psychological problem is expressed in fear to assert their rights, ask for a higher salary, change jobs more promising. That is why you must get rid of the uncertainty.
Begin to deal with self-doubt with the image formation of a skilled worker. A huge role in this play looks. In the office, always wear a rigorous, preferably expensive, perfectly suit with a white blouse fresh. According to the popular stereotype, it's what a business woman.

Be sure to do makeup. Bring your face to perfection, but avoid excesses and too bright colors. Recent studies have shown that the most successful perceived woman using lipstick beige. Do not forget about such a "trifle" as a manicure. But the spirits better give up. Psychologically, they will not add confidence, quite the contrary.

Make friends with senior colleagues. If you are assigned to difficult work assignment, first consider how it should perform. Then consult a staff member who was friends with. To people willingly shared their experiences, it is important to maintain a personal, informal relations. Ask what the employee is thinking about ways to do the job that you have outlined. If in the course of the conversation, make sure that your opinion was wrong, correct it using the tips of senior colleagues.

Actively participate in seminars, conferences for staff in your profile, attend refresher courses. Do this at the expense of the employer, and if he is in no hurry to spend money - at their own expense. It is important to expand your skills, even going beyond the profession. For example, if you are a lawyer, do not be amiss to learn the basics of the economy and raise the level of English.

Read more literature and periodicals on your profession. Soon you will notice that there gleaned information is very often useful, suggesting the correct sequence of actions. As a result, your opinion of their abilities better.

With errors at work facing, probably everyone. If you made a blunder, not reproach yourself, do not waste time on it and vitality. Better quickly get out of this situation and draw conclusions for the future. The main thing - do not dwell on it.

Finally, never tired of repeating myself, that you - a successful person makes its way to the top.

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