Female Head: pros and cons

Female Head: pros and cons
 Currently, women are often in leadership positions. And this is not surprising, because the efficiency of the chief does not depend on gender, but from experience, personal qualities, education. But there are patterns of behavior that are unique to the weaker sex.
 Women now are not the same as they were before. If a few years ago their prerogative limited only household chores and children, but now they are equal to men build career, led the team and lead the company.

Why do some business leaders are trying to assign it to a managerial position of women? Individuals executive weaker sex, they have an analytical mind, a very cunning. In addition, women are hardy, vigorous and long may operate in one direction. Suppose founder decided to put into production the new technology. A girl can consider in detail the implementation plan. But if it must be done in one day, it is better to entrust the job to the man, in fact he will be able to get the team to work actively.

Women are more attentive and careful, she could see those details which at first glance may seem insignificant man. Besides, it is very well developed intuition, which is very important when doing business. His work carries a chief carefully and responsibly.

The advantages include the fact that girls are very well versed in psychology, it helps them to understand people very well and out of the situation with minimal losses.

In business, sometimes there are such situations when the boss has to be cool. Women are distinguished by their emotionality. In a fit of anger they can "commit follies." Men are able to soberly assess the situation, despite the enormity of the event occurred.

The disadvantages include the fact that girls under the influence of emotions and other psychic experiences are not always objectively treat subordinates. Moreover, leadership qualities have developed somewhat less than men. That is to make a go of people and subjugate women does not always work.

Male heads of more determined and willing to take risks, women prefer to first weigh everything, and only then make decisions. This quality is very often prevents the implementation of the activities of a business stands on dead center, customer base grows, decreases the level of demand for the products, etc.

Despite all the disadvantages, women have proved themselves in the role of chiefs, because some of them can give odds to any man.

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