Murano glass jewelry

Murano glass jewelry
 The famous Venetian glass make a small, located near Venice, the island of Murano. Glassworks were moved there from the city in 1291. Concentration of production allowed to develop unique technologies that were invented many kinds and types of glass, which makes products of extraordinary beauty. Murano glass was so beautiful, that was used as a decoration, along with precious stones.

Many glassblowers make jewelry with the same pleasure as well as working on larger orders. Because they work by hand, each piece is unique, designs jewelry also stored only in the head master, so the second set of the same you will not be able to buy.

Looking at the samples, you may notice that many of them have the imprint of Japanese, African, Indian artistic traditions. Often used in products other than glass, traditional cultures of these materials: shells, feathers, pieces of wood and leather. Look great ornaments and jewelry, made in the avant-garde style, in which the imagination of the master does not know borders.

Along with the ornaments of modern design, glass blowers and made jewelry classic look, exactly reproducing traditional patterns. It uses Swarovski crystals, imitation gemstones, imitation pearls, glass and electroplating.

Selection of jewelry for buyers facilitated by the fact that they are in the store are whole collections of type casting. Decide for yourself what type of glass you prefer - agate, simulating layered agate and chalcedony; Goldstone, in the depths of billions of stars that twinkle; krakkelazh - cracked ice, or any other. Even just a piece of glass of any type - is beautiful, they are used as media for papers. What can we say about the jewelry, which is beaten used technique. In one article wizard can combine several different techniques and several types of glass. Piece of work makes each piece a gem.

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