Model the shape using jewelery

Model the shape using jewelery
 Jewelry is not only decorates dresses and complements the image of man, but also is able to emphasize its appeal and originality, making the appearance of vivid and memorable. It can also disguise your flaws, drawing attention to the benefits. Knowing some of the rules of selection of jewelry, you can always improve the look and the outlines of the figure.

If you are the owner of magnificent forms and large facial features, your jewelry should be massive. Good, big earrings, necklaces and bracelets made of ceramic parts or large beads, rings with large stones matte necessarily drawn attention on the features of your figure, and it is visually reduced. Choose a ring thickness of your finger is thicker than they are, the greater should be the size of the ring, but do not wear them much. It is better if the ring with big stone will be the only one on your finger.

Pick earrings, focusing on the shape of the face, because they can very well adjust it. If you have a wide face, the decoration should be oblong and oval in shape; the ideal would be a rhombus. Suit and massive suspension, but they do not have to expand downwards. If the face is narrow, you can take a round or clip with a raised stone. Massive top you can visually reduce, wearing a wide belt with a massive buckle on the thighs and wide hips will seem longer when you aktsentiruete attention to the upper chest, decorated its bright brooch. And if you dress a light scarf or tie, no one will notice the protruding belly.

Fragile girl must choose a medium-sized jewelery, as too large and too small details will not look as good. If you stand tall, you should give up the long pendants, chains and thin elongated earrings; advantageous will look short necklaces and beads made of round beads, a few strands of pearls. Massive rings or bracelets too, will bring disharmony in your appearance. The thickness of the bracelet should not be more than one and a half centimeters. Form and earrings in your case depends on the shape of the face: fit for round elongated earrings, for square - earrings in the form of rings. Triangular face hide earrings in the form of a trapezoid, which expands downwards. And if the person is long, you very well go round earrings.

If you have a normal physique and classic oval face, you're in luck. You can not afford any jewelery and ornaments highlight what you think is the most attractive in your appearance. The only condition - not to overdo it with the number. Your brilliant ringing, shimmering ornaments should not resemble Christmas decorations.

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