Jewellery with ethnic motifs

Jewellery with ethnic motifs
 Ethnic motives go out of fashion for several years now. It seems straight from the museum shelves necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings moved on counters and fashion catalogs. Reasonable price, natural materials, ease of execution (if you do love to create jewelry) - all the reasons to give your preference to this style at least a couple of summer days.
 Heat of Africa

African motifs in jewelry borrowed from arts and crafts Egypt, Nigeria, the Republic of Mali, the peoples who inhabited the Sahara. Natural materials used by masters of antiquity tens of thousands of years ago, gave the imagination of contemporary designers: the shells of mollusks, bones and teeth of animals, stone, seeds, animal skins. Today, more often mimic these materials, but on the mainland, you can buy and authentic necklace, earrings or bracelet for example dried and tightly woven straw.

Celtic motifs

Fashion for the Irish and Scottish dance, music, clothing, could not avoid and decorations: Pagan ornament runes recognizable now almost everyone. Amulets with patterns symbolizing a god of the Scandinavian pantheon, is also quite expressive. During the excavation of ancient tombs are brooches made of precious metals - fasteners for clothes, serving simultaneously decoration. Brooches atypical for Russian culture - putting it, you immediately make your outfit in an unusual accent. Metal bracelets and earrings in the style of "viking friend" can be purchased in almost any ethno-store.

Indian dance

Along with belly dancing and the Hare Krishnas in Russia came the fashion for positive bright outfits of Indian women - saris - and numerous accessories made of metal and ivory. Maybe you do not dare to go out in trousers and a belt of jingling coins, but put on a set of massive metal beads decorated with blue and red stones, it is possible. Earrings from India are usually quite heavy, so check beforehand how long your ears will be able to withstand their weight. Amazing multi-colored bags with small mirrors, made of natural fabric scraps, suitable for summer outing, picnic, trip to a music festival.

Indian Princess

Princess Pocahontas tribe captivated British officer Smith's her beauty that highlights the decorations created by the hands of its people. Chalker (neck decoration, tight to the body, beads collar), metal bracelet or leather on the forearm at the wrist, the amulet on a rope, bag and shoes with fringe, embroidered with colorful beads - and your image is ready.

Much of the above, you can create your own hands. For inspiration we recommend visiting the museum (for example, in the Cabinet of Curiosities in St. Petersburg).

Whatever costume you choose, the main thing - do not be afraid to experiment with and adapt to the way her wardrobe to achieve the best jewelry and arts and crafts of the peoples of the world!

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