Handmade jewelry: when and how to wear

Handmade jewelry: when and how to wear
 Copyright ornaments, hand made, always unique and original. Handmade jewelry and hair ornaments will help emphasize your individual style, decorate the image and will realize personal creative aspirations.
 Earrings, beads, necklaces and pins, by their own hands, especially nice to combine with clothes - it's a great opportunity to showcase the taste and show off their talents. Depending on the material from which made decoration, you can pick up a set of accessories for any style of clothing.

Traditionally, hand-made jewelry worn with loose-fitting clothing (ethnic and oriental style), reminiscent of the style elements hippies - thin bracelets, beaded baubles, ribbons in her hair, large pendants textiles, etc. Felted rings, necklaces and gum look great with warm clothing - sweaters rough, thin tight-fitting turtleneck pullovers, jeans and high boots. The similarity of textures creates harmony individual toiletries and together they look attractive. Textile Jewelry (of threads, pieces of fabric, fur, feathers, etc.) creates a feeling of comfort and warmth, and silk necklace looks so refined that it can even wear to the wedding.

Products made of polymer clay usually bright, unusual shapes and interesting design. Such jewelry is appropriate to wear in the summer - they are most favorably emphasize the warm skin tones and create a joyful holiday mood. Plastic jewelry should not be worn to work, if in your office must adhere to the principles of strict dress code, they will look too lightly.

Jewellery made of stone strict and fine - they do the most difficult, is the high level of skill. Stone beads, pendants, earrings combine with classic costumes because of their limited geometrical and restraint.

Handmade fabric flowers, classical and strict bows are often used to decorate clothing - they are fixed in place brooches, sew on pockets and lapels. Flower topic is relevant with hair ornaments - different hair clips, combs, headbands decorated with handmade floral scenes, animalistic pictures, figures, etc.

Every woman wants her image was unique - hate to see on a colleague or neighbor exact same necklace or bracelet. And it's not that expensive gold plastic - it is important that you present as plastic, how to beat and select the most advantageous sound.

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