Costume jewelery vs. gold?

Costume jewelery vs. gold?
 Ubiquitous Coco Chanel made jewelry jewelry full complement to what is put on the woman. She created an image of business and independent modern business woman demanded new materials and forms for accessories and jewelry. A number of things in a woman's wardrobe, thanks to their compatibility and combinable with each other, markedly decreased. Daily to look for new ways, gold and other precious metals ladies replaced cheaper jewelry.
 With the help of accessories and jewelry a woman can change your appearance without changing what she wears. Even a simple but original supplement can do normal daily business suit evening dress. Since it ornaments to call attention to their owner, jewelry jewelry allowed to replace costly gold, but neither the style nor the appearance of not only suffered, but also highlighted and improved.

Recently, designer jewelry is more relevant than ever. It helps a girl to create a unique style and a unique image. Of course, this jewelry are not considered a cheap plastic crafts, is issued for mass circulation. In fashion jewelry massive combined from several materials, sparkling and drawing attention to those parts of the body that you do not want to hide. They underlined the fragility of the wrists, fingers and graceful long neck, chest high.

Ethnic jewelry will always be in fashion and many European designers deliberately stylize their products under the Native American, Indian, African motifs. Popular decoration in the style of the 60s: bright colored clips, glass beads in several rows. Organic look and almost all combined jewelry from natural materials - wood, leather, semi-precious stones. Fresh and original look handmade products bearing the imprint of the places and the culture in which they were purchased.

But not to look ridiculous and absurd, it is necessary to follow some rules, putting on jewelry. For example, the simpler and more concise your outfit, the more you can wear jewelry, but they should be in harmony with each other and they should not overshadow each other. Do not overdo it, in this case the lack of jewelry better than their excess.

Based on this, wearing a massive decoration on the neck, ears decorate more modest earrings. If massive ears hanging earrings, on the neck, you can have nothing to wear. It is better to abandon the beads and necklaces, hand decorated with several massive bracelets.

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