Brooch: new old style

Brooch: new old style
 Brooch appeared in ancient times and was originally used for fastening clothing. Although, of course, a thorn or a sharpened bone called animal brooch is still impossible. Gradually, from a purely utilitarian things this hairpin turned into a work of art. And in the 21st century brooch not only enjoys well-deserved honor at fashionistas, but again is at the peak of his popularity.
 Now brooch can be worn anywhere - not just on the dress, but also to any clothing and accessories. It can be easily seen on hats, berets, scarves, handbags, jacket and coat collar, lapel jackets, sweaters, and even T-shirts.

In the forms and materials of construction for brooches, designers and artists, too, no longer adhere to strict rules. In addition brooch in the shape of individual flowers and berries, there brooch in the form of images of dragonflies, butterflies, bees, reptiles, predators, etc.

Brooch for a long time attributed to jewelry, as was made of gold and silver and decorated with precious stones or enamel art. Although these materials are held in high esteem, and now, manufacturers and designers have put in fashion and other finishing elements, for example, imitation pearls, semi-precious stones and glass, Swarovski crystals, feathers. Brooches also make leather, fabric, felt, plastics and other materials.

At the end of the 20th century brooch was a hallmark of respectable ladies. Indifferent to such decorations and movie stars and show business. But in recent years brooch claimed an overwhelming majority of women who like to dress nice and fashionable. So if you suddenly discovered a once-forgotten grandmother's brooch original box, make no mistake: it has not lost its relevance even now.

Sure to be a stylish and elegant, you should consider how to wear a brooch. Your decoration should be approached in form and style to your bag and shoes: all accessories must be either rounded or have sharp edges. Rounded, with smooth contours brooch longer suits you, if you have a plump figure.

Remember the important rule that is common to all the accessories: jewelry draws attention to the place, which is located near. Try placing a brooch at the neck - and emphasize the dignity of the person, pin it on his shoulder, surrounding see your neckline. But in any case, it is able to give originality and completeness of your image and be sure to not only raise your status and mood.

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