What not to give the New Year

What not to give the New Year
 From New Year everyone expects a miracle, pleasant surprises. This also applies to gifts: they must create an atmosphere of fairy tales, to bring joy, surprise. What are the things to give a New Year's Eve is not necessary, so as not to spoil the party and friends, and yourself?  
 In no case do not give things, emphasizing age, deficiencies or flaws. Obese man is unlikely to please gift in the form of slimming underwear, weights, undersized considers mockery of high-heeled shoes, the old lady will not come to the delight of supershort skirts, and the girl with the problem of kozhey- remedies for acne.

Kids will be interested, if you give them useful, but so boring gifts like clothing and shoes. Schoolboy unlikely to jump for joy, having received in the New Year even the most luxurious foam or backpack. A tineyzhder only come into despondency, received a present in the form of a fluffy bathrobe and slippers with hearts bunny. At the other extreme: a serious gift, such as an encyclopedia CD collection with classical music. Also, do not give children expensive toys that can not be squeezed and roll heart.

For men will be inappropriate sweets, handkerchiefs, and simply banal socks. Tools for hair care, skin women can choose for yourself, to your taste, so give these things they should not. Ashtrays, tobacco incorrectly give even smoking women (that's a man of such a present is fine). The same applies to alcoholic beverages (with the exception of vintage wines).

Money can only give a loved one, and to colleagues, unfamiliar people such a gesture would look quite obscene. Very ugly handing the bill is not in an envelope or holiday cards, and hands. And one more thing: decently give money only to those who with you in the same financial position.

Pay attention to the quality of the gift. Here is pertinent principle of "less is better". High quality albeit a small gift - an indicator of your impeccable taste and respect for the one to whom you hand a present.

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