Ozon.ru - the most popular and visited online store for the Russian Internet. His website has no analogues in the Russian e-commerce. You can not just order your favorite products - www.ozon.ru is this online resource.
 "Ozone" was opened in 1998. From the beginning, the creators of the site ozon.ru set a goal to not only ensure the reception, processing and delivery of a wide range of goods. Online shop was to make shopping over the Internet as easy and affordable. Today buy a wide range of goods in online megastore, you can use different web services http://www.ozon.ru.

Initially, Ozon from all of today's wide range of products you could buy books and music CDs. In addition, the range of the online store were computer games, software and video products. Was opened department of antiquarian books.

In 2005, buyers online store a wide range of products "Ozone" became available computer hardware, electronics, mobile phones and merchandise. Two years later, were added products for home, family and children, and in 2009 was opened http://www.ozon.ru online megastore travel.

To date www.ozon.ru is an online store with a wide range of goods. It shopper can find almost everything. Its product range includes more than 1.5 million items.

The whole range of goods on ozon.ru partitioned. Each section is constantly updated rubritsirovannyy directory. Any item placed it on a separate page and is provided with a detailed description and photos.

Buy a wide range of products in the online store is simple - search system Ozon efficient and convenient. It allows you to search for the name of a sufficiently large number of parameters.

"Ozone" also leverages the power of the Internet for an informative presentation of a wide range of goods. For example, visitors are available function "flip through the book", reviews and media fragments, the system of internal banners and cross-references. Buyers can leave your comments and read existing ones.

Online store a wide range of goods Ozon quickly respond to fluctuations in demand and always offers the best prices. On www.ozon.ru often held shares and sales, offering substantial discounts on goods.

Megamarket "Ozone" is modern and high level of service at all stages of the design and delivery of the order. Buy a wide range of products in the online store is very easy - just put your favorite things in the cart and place your order. Payment can be made by any of several convenient methods proposed. Delivery is carried out across Russia and anywhere in the world by courier and postal services. You can also pick up an order at the outlets Ozon.

Official website of the store - http://www.ozon.ru/
Email Store - feedback form on the site http://www.ozon.ru/
Phone service to work with clients - Moscow - 8 (495) 510 27 27 regions - 8,800,100 05 56
Office address - 125252, Moscow, Chapaevsky per., D. 14
Addresses of the points of issue - a list of more than 120 cities on the site http://www.ozon.ru/

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