Modern computer equipment helps to quickly solve different problems, have fun and just to keep up with the times. online store offers to buy such equipment without spending free time for many trips to the outlets.
 Online shop - is a large selection of computer equipment at affordable prices. A huge range of products and convenient directory on the official website of the store makes it easy to choose the right product and buy computer equipment from home.

Here you can find computers, notebooks, candy bars, interactive whiteboards, tablets, servers, monitors, accessories, office equipment, banking and networking equipment. In addition, the online store of computer equipment a large selection of home appliances, office furniture, as well as photos, video and audio.

All goods store purchased only from reputable manufacturers, which ensures their high quality. The site intern- store computer equipment ( you can find products from brands such as Sony, LG, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Asus, Genius, Logitech, Sven and many others.

In the online store ( is often carried out sales, allows you to buy computer equipment at deep discounts. Learn about them on our website - Also online store gives you the opportunity to buy on credit, which can draw directly on the site. All you need to do - to specify such a payment method when ordering.

Buy computer equipment and household appliances online store please call: 8 (495) 626-20-20 or website, which you just need to choose a product, put it in a basket and fill out a simple form with contact details there .

Thinking of its customers, an online store of computer equipment ( developed a convenient system of payment for the goods. This can be done cash or bank transfer, as well as using bank cards of international payment systems MasterCard and VISA.

Convenient delivery online store ( carried out across Russia courier, postal service or transport companies. In Moscow, the buyer can pick up the purchased computer equipment on their own, come to the office store at st. Marxist, 5.

Legal address online store computer equipment located in Moscow Bolshaya Postal, 36, p. 10. You can ask questions at the above phone, e pochte- or via ICQ numbers: 272 123 966, 123078062, 226618716.

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