Justin Bieber - diagnosis, equivalent measles

 Fascination twilight saga - nothing compared to obsession young singer Justin Bieber. According to scientists, biberomaniya even comparable in nature with measles.

Millions of people worldwide lose their minds when it comes to this artist Sweet. Should he appear in any place, he was immediately surrounded by a crowd of crazy fans. A recent case in Oslo, Norway's capital when nearly declared a state of emergency, began to cause serious concern not only the guardians of law and order, but also doctors. Then Bieber was going to give a secret concert in the city, but the information is, of course, hit the Internet. As a result, the streets filled with fans of Oslo, and near the hotel where he stayed Justin, camped, sparking wild jams and riots in the city.

According to the formula, which is normally calculated on the status of Infectious Diseases, University of Ottawa experts equate "Bieber fever" to measles. Among the symptoms of this deviation, they note uncontrollable outbursts of emotion (tears, cries), indiscriminately buying souvenirs with the image of the idol and the inability to make their own decisions, as in this case "infected" try to imitate Bieber. Scientists fear that this pandemic will not soon subside, and will return to the mass waves, as was the case with Michael Jackson.