Superwoman is aggressive: Karlie Kloss in the video Juicy Couture

 The main part of any superhero - is his suit. It seems that without it the same Batman or Captain America and do not have their own super powers. But if men still allowed to appear in the crowd in silly costumes for the salvation, the woman like yourself should not allow. His superpowers need only clothe in something fashionable. The motto and the new infomercial from Juicy Couture.

Loosening sharp hairpins sand beach of the Pacific Ocean, sparkling in the sun shiny leggings, walking along the shore of a real machine of death in the face of fragile Karlie Kloss. It was she who became the face of the autumn-winter campaign of the American brand Juicy Couture. She boldly rasshvyrivaet half-naked alpha males with lustful intentions, raising noses spotted ankle waves of sand into the air.

Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinod, director of this movie, though Carly awarded porcelain unprecedented power and aggression, putting on her clothes from the latest collection Juicy Couture. Strong visuals and a great soundtrack complements.