Named products that cause a feeling of fatigue and vigor

 It has long been known and undeniable fact that our diet directly affects our condition and appearance, but nutritionists and scientists continue their research in this area and every time make some new discoveries.

For example, American researchers recently named products, because of which we feel tired or vice versa feel energized. The main "invigorating" morning products are still oatmeal, nuts, seeds and low-fat yogurt. The researchers also found that the more energy your body give products rich in iron, such as apples, buckwheat, spinach, beets and beans.

Sweet and alcohol is considered a heavy product and causes drowsiness. In the list of foods that cause fatigue are also included pasta and turkey meat because of a special type of protein that it contains.

Knowing all the features of the organism and taking into account the recommendations of researchers, you can adjust your diet to always stay alert. However, opinions differ, there are adherents of other theories - the easier and faster to digest the food, the more energy in the body remains, so many nutritionists recommend contrary to start breakfast with fresh fruit and fresh juices.