New Clinique: cream for dark circles under the eyes

 Means of a series of Even Better brand Clinique, to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin, the number of sales is the world's leaders, and now in their ranks, a new tool - a special cream Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, which is struggling with dark circles under the eyes.

The new cream does not contain oils and perfumes. Thanks to the plant components, collagen and light-reflecting particles light cream nourishes the skin and reduces dark circles. Furthermore, the tip of the metal tube during the application of the cream cools and reduces edema.

The special formula has a complex effect on the skin around the eyes - it brightens, protects, strengthens the structure and helps to reduce dark circles. As part contains vitamin C and the root of the mulberry tree, by which dark circles less visible. Sigezbekii extract preserves the structure of the skin, and whey promotes the production of collagen. Tangible effect Estheticians brand Clinique guarantee after 12 weeks of use of the corrector.