MTV fashion: a new Internet project channel

 TV channel creates a site District MTV, where there will be discussion about the tastes of celebrities and their views on fashion, stylist and star of the most interesting images of musicians.

The site is planned to publish the fashion news, interviews, lukbuki, post a video. Site District MTV kicks off in October. To lead them to Melanie Hick from Huffington Post, the trend will become director Helen Job, and editor - William Oliver, known for such publications as Nowness and Dazed & Confused. The project is aimed at young people, to understand the fashion and indifferent to her. TV channel for many a source of inspiration and help navigate the trends. Realizing this, the creators District MTV and invented a new platform on which want to combine music and fashion - the purpose loud, but given the opportunities and a strong team, which is connected to the project, it is quite feasible.