Grandma's advice: Betty Boop in a commercial Lancome

 Betty Boop old woman has no less than 80 years. One of the most controversial figures of young Hollywood. To whatever her with her lush black lashes to advertise a new mascara Lancôme.

After the introduction of the Hays Code (law on censorship in cinema the first half of the twentieth century) Betty Boop figure became non grata. She has successfully survived this period, yielding to pressure society and putting a skirt below the knee. Now sexy diva never ceases flickering on a variety of T-shirts, underwear, embodied in the form of accessories and toys in the image. Not by chance in a cartoon commercial for Lancôme, presents a new mascara Hypnôse Star, she performs sales agent and consultant firm. Charming companion Betty, of course, delighted with the carcasses, which consists of mineral bearing pigments and oils having a reflective effect. After all, this innovation from Lancôme not only makes eyelashes thicker, longer, and caring for them. The girl is right to listen to sovetchitsa drawn, because the beautiful Daria Verbovoy can learn from the one who is in the glory of more than a dozen years. In general, look.