Agyness Deyn changing profession

 About modeling career at heart the dream of every girl. Photo shoot, expensive clothes, fame, recognition - in a word beautiful life. However, not every model so cherishes life and is ready to abandon it in favor of something, in their view, more interesting. On retirement from the business model recently said Briton Agyness Deyn.

Not every model has in its portfolio photo shoot for famous brands such as Burberry, Shiseido, Jean Paul Gaultier and the role of the face of the brand. It is not enough to have a pretty attractive face, and you must have certain talents, which in the arsenal of Agyness Deyn small car and truck. Having played last year in the movie "The Dealer" top model lit cinematography and decided to turn his life into the mainstream of this particular art. It also means filmography and short film "HERE" Varis Ahluvarii.

"I think that with a modeling career is over," - says Dane. She stressed that no longer participates in shows and photo shoots for something or someone. Thought to leave the modeling business came to her 4 years ago. "Not that I hated him, but I wanted to do something else," - says Agnes.

Agyness Deyn changing profession

Still from the film "Dealer"

Directed by "Dealer" Nicolas Winding Refn again offered her part in the filming of a new movie, and in the title role, and the Dane could not resist. She admits that cinematography captures and immerses her in his jungle with the head, and it is to their liking. Who knows, maybe in a few years we have cease to remember this blond Briton as a model and assume its film awards.