Bridget Jones's Diary: to be continued

 The old woman (in the sense that an old friend, of course) Bridget Jones will be released again. And not only in the pages of paper and electronic media, but also on the screens.

Helen Fielding, who wrote the first two novels, which have been removed and the film adaptation, intends to release another book about our favorite heroine. The writer does not reveal the plot, but only hints that life has changed significantly Bridget, went ahead as the life of the author. "I hope that by reading new stories readers will have as much fun as it was, when I wrote the book," - said Fielding.

The head of the publishing house has not informed as to be called a new novel about Bridget, but said that he waited a long time to return the heroine, which represents a true modern woman. Will be a book in the United States as early as this November. And probably will not take long, and the sequel with Renee Zellweger.