Gastronomic Jo Malone fragrances

 Perfume brand Jo Malone is known for its extraordinary flavors and this spring will release a new limited collection of Sugar & Spice, dedicated to your favorite desserts. In the series - 5 flavors with delicious names.  

Redcurrant & Cream - crisp and juicy flavor of lung pudding red currant, including notes of strawberry, raspberry and musk.

Bitter Orange & Chocolate - a classic combination of chocolate and sweet notes of orange, diluted in the composition notes of coconut and coumarin.
Elderflower & Gooseberry reminds unusual juice of elderberry, gooseberry and lychee.
Lemon Tart - aroma of fresh pie with lemon filling, the composition includes citrus notes, merengue, verbena and lemon thyme.
Ginger Biscuit - sweet and spicy cake with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, caramel and nuts composition complement notes tonka bean and vanilla.
The collection will be available on sale in March.
Gastronomic Jo Malone fragrances