Purple-caramel collection makeup Givenchy

 The fashion house Givenchy presented autumn collection Soir D'Exception Collection and published the first images of the advertising campaign with model Carlin Kaun. In the picture it appears in the form of a mysterious girl refined in the light of candles. Shades in the photo - golden caramel, but the collection is complemented by another and purple and pale pink. All products released in elegant black case.  
For the eyes
New Four-reticulation Ecrin de Soir Palette includes matte 3 color (dark purple, caramel and pale pink) and 1 silver glitter.
Kayyalovy pencil in a limited edition of Magic Kajal - korichnevnogo shade with a pink tint. Unexpected: Mascara Noir Couture Mascara will be released a limited color khaki.
Purple-caramel collection makeup Givenchy
The collection will feature limited-edition lipstick 2 Le Rouge: karamalno pink and red-brick color.
Lucky Le Vernis 3 colors: pink and limited - pale pink (the color of a lipstick) and purple (the color of the shadows).
International sales start - August 2013.