Lady Gaga to develop methods of Marina Abramovic

 The singer, known for its propensity to all new and shocking, has decided to support the project Marina Abramovic.
Marina Abramovic work to create and promote Institute MAI, art spaces in Hudson, where it plans to transfer its artistic experience to visitors and to continue experimenting with performances, vengeance boils.
Part of the funds for the project the artist plans to raise through Kickstarter, the opportunity to contribute will be open until August 25, so now attention MAI will not be superfluous.
Among the admirers of the artist (in addition to James Franco, Jay-Z and many, many others) turned and Lady Gaga, who decided to support the project of the Institute of performance MAI, laying out the network video where she feels the artistic techniques of Marina Abramovic.
The artist throughout his creative career trying to go beyond reality, consciousness, opportunities of their own brain. It requires a lot of work, and enjoy the atmosphere of self-knowledge on the move is simply impossible. Even just take your clothes off - although this is one way of preparation - is not enough. Lady Gaga took a kind of basic training, wandering through the woods naked, hug with a stone, frozen in a chair in the middle of the lake. Experience singer captured in the video, followed by a terrific accompaniment - a stunningly long "aaa" of the Lady Gaga.