Fendi fashion horror

 Saskia de Brau and Cara Delevingne starring frightened little dogs in the new seven-minute video in support of the autumn-winter collection of Fendi.
Lagerfeld has decided that he was a little frightened spectators at the show fall-winter collection 2013/2014, firing on the scene model in fur mohawk, and starred in the horror appendage.
The designer can do anything - processing of any historical epoch in a fashion collection, any stylistic experiments, any complexity and fabric, as is now clear, almost any movie genre.
Horror Lagerfeld called "Dangerous invitation." Two young girls (their roles performed Cara Delevingne, looking like here spaniel, and Saskia de Brau, like a dog), come to the manor and face out there with very strange manners. Fitting, the old man gets frightened girls in huge empty rooms where domoupravitelnitsa shows them on the room available to guests and parties. Sounds alarming, slightly mesmerizing music, and even heavy furs from the autumn-winter collection Fendi not save girls from shivering.
Will there be a soiree and the general all over for Kara Delevin and Saskia de Brau, watch the video.