Prokrasneniyam battle: a new foundation Clinique

 Autumn knowingly alter basic skin care. In this weather (with wind and dampness) falls hard, and many disappeared in the summer of problems can arise again. Brand Clinique presents a new foundation Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15, which is struggling with redness and skin care.
Reddening of the skin can be caused by inflammation or nearby blood vessels to the skin surface. These redness may occur suddenly and for various reasons - from strong emotions, different foods and alcohol, climatic and hormonal changes.
Foundation Redness Solutions designed specifically for skin suffering from redness and rosacea in mild to moderate form. He has a caring effect, soothes and relieves irritation, while concealing redness and contributing to their reduction.
Prokrasneniyam battle: a new foundation Clinique
As part contains pearlescent particles with a yellow-green undertone that instantly conceal redness, giving the skin uniformity, improve and align its tone. Magnolia Bark Extract and mushroom extract soothe the skin. Caffeine helps to relieve irritation and murumuru oil helps protect the skin's moisture barrier. To reinforce the skin barrier Clinique probiotic uses JavaScript - specifically extract lactic bacteria grown lactobacillus plantarum, which is normally present in fermented foods.
Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 is ideal for I, II and type III skin suffering from light and medium redness. Foundation is available in 4 colors, which neutralize redness.