James Franco in a parody of Kanye West's music video "Bound 2"

 Clips Kanye West have always been, if not wisely, then intricacy. However, the latest creation of the rap artist has caused a storm of ridicule, and even was filmed on its grounds parody of James Frank and Seth Rogen in the lead roles.

Just a week ago Kanye West presented on The Ellen DeGeneres Show its new video for the song from the album Bound 2 «Yeezus». It singer erotically rides a steel horse in the arms of half-naked Kim Kardashian, yet already the bride and mother of their daughter, against the backdrop of the picturesque "wall photos." Director of the video was made by Nick Knight, once shot a video for the song Lady Gaga Born This Way.

This is not the first movie, where the West like the American Nikita Dzhigurda, filmed in explicit scenes with his chosen. It is known that the rapper is usually not skimp on the creation of clips and Bound 2 Kanye probably cost several million dollars. However, I may say, drama, and the idea of ​​this clip is so shocked known Sportive James Franco and Seth Rogen that they took time-lapse video is almost a copy of this for free in the breaks between filming the new movie "Interview". In the role of Kim Kardashian in the clip appears in the same half-naked Seth Rogen.

It is not clear whether the impact on the so-West paternity or marriage proposal Kim, but Kanye is not the same. But now Rogen and Franco always find an excuse to have fun.