Horoscope of Druids

Horoscope of Druids
 Horoscope of Druids often called Celtic or Gallic, but its essence remains the same. It was based on the astrological system of many ancient tribes that inhabited the northern part of the once Europe - Ireland, Gaul and Britain.

Druids themselves - this is the priests of ancient Gauls and Celts in pre-Christian times lived in the northern regions of Europe. They hold sacred ancient legends and used his magical wisdom to perform religious rites: diluted sacred fire, collecting medicinal herbs, and then prepared medicines and poisons, simultaneously teaching the secrets of their younger generation.

When in the Middle Ages in Europe, Christianity spread, the Druids were forced to hide in the woods to avoid persecution. Nevertheless, some of them have become advisers royals, others, according to popular belief, took the appearance of demons and other evil spirits.

Druids always passed on their knowledge of youth only orally, as considered writing a sacrilege. It is therefore very hard to detect their astrological tables, but some individual horoscopes are mentioned in the Old Irish epic. Attaching great importance to the trees and the forest, which were forced to live druids, they tied the human characters with trees. According to them, everyone has certain traits that depend on the merits or demerits of the trees.

Essential priests gave summer and winter solstices and equinoxes. Somehow a way that makes them look like the ancient Mayan civilization. In those days, they held a feast, sacrificing a white bull. The fact that the basis of their horoscope is the position of the Sun relative to the Earth. Human destiny depends on how the birthday deleted Sun from the Earth.

In the horoscope of the Druids each zodiac sign has a period of 2 (like the winter and summer solstice). Just a "Zodiac" Druids present 22 characters, 18 of which are represented by two opposite sectors of a circle having a different size. The remaining 4 digits associated with the dates of the solstices and equinoxes. Thus, the path of the sun throughout the year is divided into 40 unequal sectors (18 x 2 + 4). Druids expected date of entry in the Sun "zodiac", having a form of trees. Thus, they received a general description of a person born in a certain time.

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