Europe assessed the state of its beaches

 The hot season is not far off. It's time to pack your bags and air mattresses swimwear. In addition, the report prepared by the European Environment Agency reports that 90% of beaches and coastal waters of the most visited Russian tourists resorts are appropriate for swimming and relaxing state. But not so smooth.

The European Commission, assessing the beaches of their territories, came to the following conclusions. In perfect condition are 77, 1% of beaches, which is several percent improved last year. Considered satisfactory situation with 93% of beaches. Only 2% of coastal waters do not meet even the minimum requirements of European standards.

Guided by the directive, the implementation of which is scheduled for 2014, the examination passed all EU countries and Switzerland, Croatia and Montenegro. According to this directive all bathing areas in Europe must be reconditioned.

However, the owners of the worst beaches this year recognized Latvia, Bulgaria and the Benelux countries. Especially dirty place to swim in these countries are territory inland waters. The best places for beach holidays have become 80% of the coast of Italy, Portugal and Spain.