Seven kinds of health food, which is injurious to health

 It turns out that not all of those foods that seem healthy, in fact harmless. Before you 7 kinds of health food, which actually is not.

1. Dried

Of course, much of the fruit is not correct, if of course, does not consume them kilograms 3 times per day. But they can not be called useful. Firstly, because during drying the amount of fruits greatly reduced. You can eat a cup of dried bananas and then feel extremely hungry. Secondly, today manufacturers of dried fruits are added to foods high in sugar and preservatives, and the buyer is naive to think that gets healthy and non-nutritive food.

2. Yogurt with fruit

Today in Russia there was rampant passion to start the day with yogurt. They say, with fruit, harm no one benefits. In fact, far from it. This yogurt sugar is not less than a glass of Coca-Cola. In addition, such "natural" Yogurt manufacturers often add flavorings and colorings. And it does not make yogurt healthy. Better (and cheaper) to make their own yogurt: Mix yogurt or fermented baked milk with strawberry jam or fresh fruit.

3. Bran Muffin

In loaf of bran has two ingredients that are highly undesirable for your body, especially in the morning: sugar and flour. Sugar enters the bloodstream, thereby triggering mechanism for the accumulation of fat in the body. And the pastry is not helpful either to the teeth, or, again, for your waistline. Better just to Eat breakfast egg, a slice of ham and cheese.

4. Salad "Caesar" with chicken

Midstream in a cafe: 900 calories, 60 grams of fat

In this salad, it seemed, everything should be helpful: white meat and plenty of fresh vegetables. However, to make the meat more juicy and tasty salad added fat mayonnaise or harmful to the stomach spices. And in addition - a large portion of cheese that nutritionists do not recommend to combine with meat.

Our choice - Salad "Vinaigrette". In this there is no mixing of dishes of vegetables and cheese. Besides, there is not put spices and the mayonnaise.

5. Pasta Tuna

This type of fish itself is very useful. But not with spices, fats and dyes. This paste is conveniently spread on bread? This is because it is made of "air" - with the addition of baking powder is not harmless. Pasta with tuna taste - of course, tasty, but not very helpful. But the preference we still advise to provide fresh fish.

6. Cheese with mushrooms or ham

Do not believe the advertising, which states that breakfast consisting of sandwiches with cheese in a bag - good start to the day. Cheese itself is not harmful. Cheese bread is not good for your waistline. A bread with cheese, which added ham, - quiet horror for your body. The thing is that the producers "stuffed" used the mushrooms and ham additives that allow them a long time to lose flavor. And, of course, will unscented "identical to natural." Meanwhile, the smell of this fungus never gives plastic.

7. Nectars

Again, it's all about preservatives. In another way - the flesh of the fruit is not so easy to keep. So do not blame the manufacturers of juice that they add to their product sugar. It is better to buy fresh fruit. It will come more: 1 liter of juice costs about 30 rubles. For the same money you can buy some oranges and enjoy the natural taste!

Eleni Serventis

Tags: health, diet