Lose Weight in the summer - that will help us?

Lose Weight in the summer - that will help us?
 Summer - a great time not only for a beautiful tan and travel to distant tropical countries, but also a wonderful time to lose weight. Under heavy winter warm clothing figure flaws may not be as noticeable, but when the clothes you almost not at all, willy nilly have to think about diet and fitness.

To lose weight in the summer, especially strain and pace yourself is not necessary. The fact that the way of life in the heat itself helps burn calories. The body temperature rises, all the processes are more intense, and vice versa appetite is greatly reduced. All this leads to the fact that during the period from June to August, you can lose 3-5 pounds without making absolutely no effort. Is this not a reason to go in the summer with the figure conscious?

The first thing you pay attention slimming girls - change in diet. And in the summer just is a natural change of diet. There is lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as herbs and freshly squeezed juices. Fiber has a positive effect on the bowel and helps maintain a good shape and the ease and enhanced vitamin assault allows the body's cells to increase the resistance of the external environment and rejuvenates the body from the inside.

Heavy and coarse food in the summer and you may not want, and if there is a desire to eat a kebab or bold pilaf, the special harm is not cause excess. After all, you are actively eat vegetables, drink more, and breathe in the fresh air, and a similar mode helps to cope with calories in just a few hours.

Of course, the more traffic in the summer. This, cycling, and commercials, and swimming, and much more. This time, hiking, rafting and mountain ranges conquest. Active movement in the fresh air helps burn excess fat, in addition, like sporting events strengthen the muscles and make the figure more toned and athletic.

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids. In the summer, when the temperature is close to 30 degrees or above, the body rapidly loses moisture and dehydrated. Blood becomes thicker, its heart to pump harder to veins and cells suffer from a lack of oxygen and moisture, losing its protective properties. If a long time to expose the body to such stress, it will lead to premature aging.

Therefore, despite the fact that excess moisture also affects the weight, drink as much as you want. Firstly, the moisture helps to remove the kidneys and skin pores toxins and pollutants. And secondly, support cells of the body in optimal condition, keeping your youth and beauty.

Try to spend time actively, because it is so easy to lose weight in the summer, just lying in the warm sun and swimming in the river or the sea. By the way, during the voyage of a huge amount of calories burned, pulled back and straightened posture. So do not deny yourself the pleasure to go to the beach and combine business with pleasure. Lose weight with summer fun and effortless, because it's so easy!

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