Healthy food that prevents lose weight

Healthy food that prevents lose weight
 Those who want to lose weight, usually try to eat healthy foods in between diets. But sometimes those extra pounds continue to appear. Why is this happening if you give up sweets and pastries, smoked meat and fat? The fact that the figure may even hurt the most healthy food if you do not follow the sense of proportion. Below is a list of useful products, which should not be abused, if you want to lose weight.


He can become the enemy of your figure, if it includes all kinds of nuts, crackers, croutons and sour cream or mayonnaise. Well, all your favorite salad or crab sticks - a direct path to excess weight. Can only afford fresh vegetables, and they need to be lubricated balsamic sauce or olive oil.


It is believed that this dish is perfect for those who want to lose weight, it only rice, seaweed, seafood. But in the depths of sushi and rolls hiding fat cheese "Philadelphia" and sometimes mayonnaise. Japanese tempura dishes, too, is deleted from the list, they are prepared in batter and fried in deep fat, and this - the extra calories. Tofu - is not for those who want to lose weight. He is not very high in calories, but before feeding it usually fried in high-calorie sauces.

Breakfast Cereals

They Are. certainly useful, but a lot of calories. Especially cereals: they are full of carbohydrates. Muesli, crunches and whole mixture is also not welcome in large numbers, because they are often fried in oil. Look on the package, how many calories in 100g of the product not to eat for breakfast half of the daily calories with one small pialki with muesli.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are much more calories than their fresh counterparts. Cup of dried fruit is 5 times richer in calories than the same amount of conventional fruit. In addition, dried fruits a lot of sugar. So we must use them carefully and slowly.

Whole wheat bread

Bran cereal, whole wheat bread from, of course, the best choice compared to conventional baking or white bread. But also many such carbohydrate bread and butter. So do not eat it in large quantities.

Tea in bottles

This drink does not be attributed to healthy foods. After all, there are a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Therefore it is better to brew your own delicious tea,


At half-liter of juice carbs as much as 5 pieces of bread. Therefore it is better have a natural fruit and drink water.

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