Diet meals: what goes with what and why

Diet meals: what goes with what and why
 Perhaps each of the people know the feeling of gravity from overeating when even the most delicious delicacies you will not deliver the former joy and pleasure. And everything suggests that your body is tired and needs some discharge.  

Some people prefer to completely abandon the food and drink only water, and someone goes on diet food. What it is, of course, depends on the characteristics of your body and the degree of overload. But there are a few tips on cooking some dishes that should be used for those who feel the fatigue of his body from fast food, sandwiches and a lack of diet.

The first rule.

Do not use a lot of oil during cooking. Preference was given to food prepared in the double boiler. Bake fish or poultry in the oven, do not fry food in the pan. Otherwise the food is full of cholesterol, and after a meal you will have heaviness in the stomach, and perhaps for some time and did have to starve.

The best option would be chicken with vegetables (carrots, potatoes, etc.), Steamed. Or tasty dish of baked silver trout (whole fish wrapped in foil, while using a minimum amount of salt and seasonings, and bake in the oven). Fish turns juicy, delicious and easy (you can sprinkle a little juice lemon slices).

The second rule.

Eat less sugar. This applies to both delicious, but heavy baking and all kinds of soft drinks (with a huge sugar content).

Instead, buy a pack of light yogurt (1 - 2% fat), low-calorie yogurt and a little honey (if you just can not do without sweet).

As delicious dessert you can add honey nuts. And as a light snack you can prepare yourself for a delicious and easy dish "tarator". Cook it surprisingly simple: yogurt add chopped cucumber, a little salt, and to decorate a little finely chopped walnuts.

The third rule.

Always eat only freshly prepared food, do not harvest all future use. And most importantly - on time, eliminate from your diet conservation and pickles. And you'll see how much easier it was to live, and most importantly - will feel a surge of strength and energy. After all, take care of yourself and your health - fashionable and nice.

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