Dangerous than a raw food diet?

 Passion for some adherents of healthy food eating raw food, apparently indestructible. But does it make at least some use, or we are dealing with just another fashion craze?  

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Raw food is pieces of plant or animal tissue, in cells which retain their own digestive enzymes capable in contact with food in the acidic environment of the stomach to provide a so-called self-digestion (autolysis). This phenomenon is studied in detail A.Ugolev academician, who wondered how the rabbit is digested in the stomach boa if fragmentation of the victim does not occur when ingested and therefore difficult to access gastric boa inside the victim's body. Ugolev compared digesting raw, boiled and shredded frogs in an experimental model. Completely disappeared (digested) only whole raw frog.

This suggests that the use of raw food, it digests itself "itself" with little or no use of resources of the organism, the consumer, respectively, the assimilation of this food is the most complete.

For the digestion of thermally processed foods our body is forced to spend their enzymes - food becomes "heavy" after eating usually occurs drowsiness. It is these arguments make use of raw foods more desirable than boiled.

And especially raw meat or fish, traditional food of hunters and fishermen, as well as ancient warriors who dine right in the battle for fresh flesh of the enemy (usually liver) could continue for days chopped tirelessly.

However, against the raw food advocates, most physicians because when consuming raw foods, there is absolutely real danger of infection by prions (mad cow disease), eggs, worms, alien bacteria and other parasites. So that the treatment of these natural "joy" can negate all the benefits of eating raw food.

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