Why is my husband does not want a child

Why is my husband does not want a child
 You have a happy family with her husband completely harmonious relationship built on love and trust, but there is disagreement. Do you want to have a baby, and he believes that now is not the time for this. In this case, no such problems as financial disorder, you do not see the reasons that prevent you to have a baby, but for your husband they are.
 Your husband does not want to have children, and you're constantly thinking about it, asking the question: how to persuade him to change his mind about the kids? The question is quite delicate. Childbirth - a big responsibility. This situation will change all your real life, so much affect the future that all consequences are difficult to predict. Try to look at the problem through the eyes of her husband and try to understand what prevents him much to the birth of children.

Some men do not want children because they think that at the moment the family financially is not arranged. This argument he will most likely expounded. Perhaps a man wants you certainly lived in a separate house, or his salary would be sufficient to support his family and to release you from your work, so you always have devoted care of the baby in the first few years of his life. He believes that is not the time to have a child, if you have no guarantee that you will be able to provide and well-mannered.

Sometimes behind it the fear of the emergence of a new being in his life. Some requirements may be so high that they meet will be very difficult, it will take time. And you may not be willing to wait that long.

There are men who openly admit that they do not want to have children, because it greatly complicate their lives. Child in their view is associated with dirty diapers, disheveled and tired wife, troubles at home and renunciation of pleasure from the fact that the baby will need to be emphasized. The man in this case simply does not notice this important aspect of birth, as the joy and happiness that brings parents to the little man. If you want to have a baby, try to explain it to him.

There are times when the wife in a pair behaves like a child. Man feels that two children - is too much for him. If your family is such that you are capricious and quarrelsome character manifest, and the man does not want children, then to prove to him that you have grown up and can take responsibility for the baby, you will have to become more serious.

The opposite situation, when a man younger woman, and it is not a "passport", respectively. If psychological age men - "children", he may not want to have a baby, saying that he needed to think.

Life often situations to which a person is not ready. But this does not mean that he can not cope. On the contrary, people are often thankful for some tests and problems that have helped them develop. Rare pair is well prepared for the birth of a child.

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