The benefits of family scandals

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 Perhaps no family is not without scandals, because even in the most reliable and strong marriage, sooner or later the situation is brewing, during which wants to rant and rave. However, calmed down and soberly assessing the incident, the couple sometimes come to the conclusion that the scandal went even benefit them.  

The reason for the violent showdown could serve as a trifle, for example, the time has not washed dishes or dirty shoes. In this case, the percentage of reasonable grounds so puny that he did not understand why such a scandal erupted. In fact, all your actions currently require psychological relaxation, release emotions out. During the scandal, both spouses have fun and do not get angry at each other, just for no reason at all to swear impossible. At the end of the quarrel they feel psychological satisfaction, reconciled and live in perfect harmony for several months. Until next splash sore.

 Any scandal can be a great way to evaluate myself. When leaving negative emotions people worried, blushes, trembles, can tell a bunch of nasty things that are normally never pluck off the tongue. Thus, you can know yourself and your spouse with the unexpected side, to understand what is actually his most annoying. Doing the right conclusions, can avoid such family problems in the future.

Stormy scandals contribute not only psychological discharge, but also spiritual rapprochement with each other. After a brief hearing your affection for her husband may flare up again. Doing offended look, you really only proves that love him, because otherwise better to just leave. Thus, you are guaranteed a minimum of passionate sex, perhaps a gift, go to a restaurant and other nice things.

Another interesting conclusion was made by German scientists. They said that the short-term quarrels in the family not only relieve stress, but also reduce the risk of heart disease, such as myocardial infarction or arrhythmia. So, in a sense, the scandal strengthens your health.

In addition, the scandals are a good substitute for physical activity, as increased mental activity, accompanied by shouts and possibly smashing crockery burns as many calories as walking tour or cycling. Just do not get carried away too much. Family scandal - it is very sharp spice to your everyday life is not always interesting. Therefore, it is necessary to consume it in very small quantities and no more frequently than once a quarter. Otherwise it can lead to rupture of family relations. Because everything is good in moderation.

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