Men lie

Men lie
It so happened that men lie. Some are rare, others - often, keep back some important details that can also be equated to lie, while others - cheat even in small things. And this phenomenon is often seriously offended, unnerving and annoying women.

Women should remember that a man lie not only because they want to hide something from your second half. Sometimes they are just so convenient. For example, the question of women, whether it looks good, is not complete if it is a dress, men did not hesitate to answer that it is compelling.

This is especially true if the couple already late, and she still can not choose a dress, a man willing to say anything, as long as she was going as fast as possible. In this case, it is not necessary that he cares his companion. Simply, he is well aware that even if the new jeans visually add a few pounds girl if he would say about it, will only get worse.

A man can hide his acquaintance with a girl, especially if it was up to the beginning of your relationship. This does not mean that he still have feelings for her, he just wants to avoid questioning on your part and excessive anxiety.

Quite often a man can lie when answering a seemingly innocuous question about his whereabouts. Even if he does not do anything criminal, he may inadvertently tell a lie. The reason is that the man at the question uncomfortable and subconsciously feels that it wants to catch a lie.

Sometimes a man is lying when he says the beloved, why could not call at some point or respond to her call. The fact that the strong half of mankind is necessary from time to time to be alone. But if he tells the truth, I did not want to talk to anyone at the moment, even with the favorite, it will certainly lead to scandal.

One can not say whether the men received when cheat on their loved ones. In some cases, innuendo can really save energy and nerves. But it is always worth remembering that even a small lie can cause a separation pair, so always lie before you, you must consider all the possible consequences.

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