Married or partners?

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 During the previous century, the institution of marriage has undergone a fairly significant change. If before marriage was regarded as a good deal of two families and was intended more for the birth and upbringing of successors, now that all citizens have full freedom of choice. Nobody has the right to prevent two people get married and break it, if it is not contrary to the law. However, apart from the obvious advantages of such freedom of choice leads to serious problems and contradictions.

According to statistics, about 70% of couples divorce within three years after the wedding. This fact suggests us to the logical question: what constitutes a marriage today: a true spiritual and social institution, unit of society, or simply legalized sexual partnership?

A special place is occupied by the so-called debate civil marriages. Although this is a more familiar term national. After all, in fact, a civil marriage - this is a legitimate marriage registered in a registry office. But if you do not find fault with the names, then the civil marriage meant cohabitation of men and women who did not register their relationship officially. For a great many people this form of relationship is the only correct. Civil marriages are often subject to public criticism: that, well, kind of relationship where no one owes nothing? And what about when a child is born, and the man did not wish to raise him?

But in some cases, couples living a civil marriage, you can find a lot more love, understanding and awareness of the fact that they - the family, rather than in marriages recorded officially. Legally married can neither reconcile, nor turn two complete strangers to one family. Specifically, it may, but only on paper.

In other words, under the definition of "spouse" has always meant is not just sexual partnership. It is not only one sex should be the foundation of family life. The basis of marriage should be based on love and mutual understanding, a sense of family. The issue of children in each family decides on its own, because there are couples who, due to any reason can not or do not want to have children. But even the absence of a child does not mean that the couple should totally forget about their special status in relation to each other.

Therefore, people who are going to enter into lawful marriage is worth before committing this important step to think about who they are to each other. Are they willing to take a responsible role of spouses, or simply have a good time together. If other than sexual intercourse does not associate the two did, they would never be able to become a full-fledged family, and, most likely, in this case, you should leave it at that.

But what if the couple did not think about it, getting married, and I realized it only lived in a marriage for a while? No matter how difficult to make such decisions (and take them very difficult, especially if the family already has children), it should be understood that the family, where the wife - not his wife, but only sexual partners would not be able to fully exist. And children will be very hard time to live, knowing that Mom and Dad do not like each other, and this is unlikely to have a positive impact on the education of their moral character.

In our society, people really enjoy complete freedom of choice, and no one can decide for us whom to choose as a spouse. And it would be great if everyone used this freedom wisely.

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