Marriage to a foreigner: is it worth?

Marriage to a foreigner: is it worth?
 Russian girls often tend to choose for himself as an alien's spouse, while suspecting nothing about its culture and interests. But before establishing an international marriage should weigh the "pros" and "cons". So what implies a love with a foreigner - grim adventure or a lucky ticket?
 At the moment, there are many marriage agencies that provide services to Brides. Still, most women prefer to engage in self searching groom through international dating sites or on arrival in another country.

Marry a foreign citizen - a very tempting prospect, as the level of culture and high life and work abroad is quite decent. But few women think that the level of Russian existence is very different from life abroad. If people from different countries are going to connect his life by family ties, may immediately be contentious issues in the mentality, religion and culture. A large number of couples can not cope with such problems, in the end should be separated.

If both lovers find each other compromise, a percentage of what they are in the future and will not part with significantly increased. Much depends in this situation and therefore where the young couple is going to live. If a woman has decided to leave his country and go with the elect in his homeland, then it will certainly have to reckon with its customs and culture. It is to be remembered in the first place, so that later overtook not disappointed.

The French are by nature optimistic, sincere and open-minded people, hospitable, not like the invasion of another person in their quiet and measured life. You should not believe the rumors that the French are fickle in relationships. In fact, they are trusting, appreciate the warmth of home and wait for mutual understanding on the part of the wife. If you are going to marry a French man, take care about the ability to maintain an appropriate manner to the people to elect did not have to blush for you. After all, they simply can not tolerate indiscipline and lack of education. At birth, children together, you get more cash benefits, a huge discount on the purchase of property and a host of other privileges.

Want to know whether or not to marry a porter? The first marriage for him - a great responsibility. Pope Swiss children prepare meals, change diapers and walk with them on weekends, providing an opportunity to mom without interference do themselves, shopping or creating a home-like atmosphere. However, in such a family is not taken to gather friends at home, and the couple must make every effort to have their cell became a real burgher family.

Have your apartment or house, the young families are not in the habit, as porters prefer to move from place to place, it is more convenient to rent an apartment. Therefore, your house porters usually become closer to retirement age.

So whether or not to marry a foreigner? Beware of someone like temperamental, emotional and hot-tempered man - Africans and Italians. Other women from the quiet and comfortable temperate disposition Japanese or German. Before agreeing to a marriage proposal, properly weigh - are you sure this man is one hundred percent. After all, outside of the country it can be your lifeline.

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