Husband - housewife

Husband - housewife
 Very often phenomena common in the West, hardly take root in the Russian reality. "Man-at-home? It is reasonable in some cases "- say abroad. "A man sitting at home - this is nonsense! "- Tell us.

Such different attitude depends largely because of misconceptions about the phenomenon as a man housewife that has developed in our country. If a representative of a strong half of mankind just sitting at home, watching TV and not worry about finding a job, it is a slacker. Men who have a home - is quite another.

Men forced to become housewives as well as consciously and voluntarily. In the first case we are talking about a serious illness of family members or, even worse, the death of his wife. Then the man has no choice but to take a decision on domestic problems themselves.

Take a good housekeeper or a nurse - an expensive step. And to help families do not always have to rely. Then the man can arrange leave to care for a spouse, child or parent. In this case, it is supposed to preserve the experience and financial compensation.

But it also happens that the family council spouses come to the decision that do housework better man. If a woman earns more, then it is more profitable to outsource house husband. If he loses his job at all, then this benefit becomes apparent.

In addition, it is assumed that the best chefs - this is the man. And to the children they are sensitively and carefully. And with modern appliances to deal with washing, ironing and cleaning, they are also easily cope.

Still exists and practices such as temporary exchange of duties between husband and wife. Often this occurs when the accumulated stress in the family and grow recriminations - "Here you have worked as I do! "And" Here you have engaged in the house as I do! ".

The couple offered to try someone else's role to understand how it is difficult and important. After this reshuffle partners more carefully begin to treat each other and respect the work of others. The woman is no longer a question, why the husband as he is very busy, and the man understands why a woman who stays at home, so tired.

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