How to strengthen the family

How to strengthen the family
 Legally married - this is, unfortunately, not a guarantee of eternal love and fidelity. Divorces happen and after many years of marriage. That is why the couple should always try to strengthen your family to avoid the cooling of feelings and painful break.
 Each family has its own laws and its own characteristics, so universal ways to keep love and to strengthen the relationship a little. Remember that helped your friend does not necessarily help you and. For example, in some cases it is possible to strengthen the family by having a child: even so it often happens that the cheating husband after learning about the pregnancy of his wife, his mistress leaves and becomes an exemplary family man. However, there are other cases where the husband away from his pregnant wife, not wanting to become a father. Then a woman's choice is limited: either to have an abortion, or to become a single mother. If you have decided to strengthen the family, giving birth to a child, you must first ask the opinion of her husband. Of course, do not ask him directly, he wants to be a father or not. Reducing it to visit friends who have small children, inadvertently ask if he would like to have in your house too have a baby. If your husband truly loves children and wants to be a father, it is likely this will not hide.

Always remember one simple thing: your husband - it's the closest person, your support, your life companion, friend, partner, lover. But you have to be for him and his wife, lover, helper, loyal friend that never betrays. Remember this when you want to shout at a loved one, to insult, to strike. You tied it with his life, it was your free choice. Hence, in this man something to eat, because he was able to make you happy so that you agreed to marry him. And do not convince yourself even in the most bitter moments, it was a mistake. Love is never a mistake, you just have to understand that family life - not just roses and songs.

 Do not let yourself berating her husband or criticize his actions in the presence of strangers, and especially in the presence of your child. Hush dispute, if the husband is wrong, or protect it, and demonstrate their dissatisfaction only when left alone.

The husband must know that you can trust that can come home, talk about their problems and get at least moral support. A man should not be afraid that the wife of a scandal when he was suddenly dismissed from his job if he gets into an accident and break the car, etc. If you protect and support each other in all circumstances, your connection will be very strong.

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